About Me

After I had repainted my living room in 2015, I wondered what I could fill the empty space above the sofa with and decided a bandlogo would do it. Since there is nothing like that on the market and I had specific ideas regarding its size, I decided to make it myself. In the hardware store, I bought the cheapest jigsaw with a set of 10 spare blades and (poplar) plywood. I still had some acrylic paint left and so only a few spacers ordered on the Internet were missing to achieve a three-dimensional effect on the wall.

Over the next three weeks, I spent most of my spare time cutting and painting the letters, as well as cursing the jigsaw in relation to the much too large workpieces. Satisfied with the result, the logo received an extremely positive response both on the Internet, as well as among friends and acquaintances. I informed myself how it would be more effective to carry out such woodworking, lent an old scrollsaw, made a further lettering, and from this point I realized that I would need my own saw. As luck would have it, at the time there was an offer of an affortable scrollsaw in the hardware store nearby. About a year I made various work with this saw and slowly I reached the limits of the machine so that I searched for more professional equipment. The choice finally came to the Excalibur EX-30 model. Since early autumn 2016 I am working on this machine and am more than satisfied with the operation and the results. These and older can be viewed in the gallery area.

Patrick – April 2017